ANSSI and CxO dashboards to manage your security posture

ISARS allows you to manage your cybersecurity level on your Active Directory, servers and workstations by taking into account best practices as well as the controls recommended by the french security agency ANSSI.

You thus know your level of security and maturity according to the best rules and the four pillars of cybersecurity for Microsoft environments.

ANSSI dashboard

cybersecurity dashboards

A global vision of your cybersecurity level

The many indicators allow you to have a quick and global view of your level of cybersecurity and actions to be taken as a priority.

You focus your actions on identified weaknesses and adapt your resources and actions according to the identified risks.

Specific recommendations to your environment

ISARS offers recommendations to improve your level of security across your entire Microsoft environment and not just your Active Directory.

This covers the four pillars of security for Microsoft environments: AD Security, Account Management, Windows computers Health and Administration Practices.

cybersecurity recommandations

active directory security

Precise and detailed reports for operational staff

The detailed reports, exportable in pdf and csv, available in ISARS allow you to immediately know the operational actions to be taken to improve your level of security and reduce your risks.

You follow up on remerdiation actions quickly and easily.

6 reasons to use ISARS

ANSSI and CxO Dashboard

ANSSI and CxO dashboards

to manage your security posture

The centralized console allows you to quickly and easily view your level of maturity and cybersecurity, thanks to the CxO and ANSSI dashboards.

Active direcotry and servers security

An Active directory, better secure servers

and workstations

ISARS allows you to cover the security of your entire Microsoft perimeter, namely the security of your Active Directory, servers and workstations.

Microsoft on-premise security

A global vision of cybersecurity

of your Microsoft internal network

You have a comprehensive and detailed view of the level of security over your entire Microsoft environment, regardless of the number of your domains and forests.

data collection planification

Planning of data collections

and considerable time savings

ISARS allows you to schedule the collection of configuration information across all of your Active Directory and Windows computers. Dashboards and reports are automatically generated at the end of the data collections.

Active directory security increased

A controlled cyber risk

and a reinforced level of security

Thanks to regular checks, monitoring of your remediation actions and your level of maturity, you have better control over your level of cybersecurity and reduce your risks on Microsoft environments.

detailled AD security reports

Detailed and pragmatic reports

to take quick actions

ISARS has many detailed and pragmatic security reports on the key points of security on Active Directory and Microsoft environments useful for your remediation actions and security monitoring.

95% of breaches could be avoided
with a pragmatic and sensible approach to cybersecurity

Identify and correct your weaknesses before hackers exploit them

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